Battle for Cuban coffee: Starbucks vs. Bakery Miami

A Cuban bakery without little coffee? It seems almost a sin, but such a place exists and the owners of this establishment in South Miami blame a Starbucks coffee shop by the blockade that prevents them from selling the popular infusion.

According to Ephraim Valdes, owner of the bakery Pinecrest Bakery, located at 6655 S. Dixie Hwy., The multinational coffee chain has threatened to abide by their contract and are limited only to sell American coffee.

“We want to live longer, they let us move forward, ours does not compare to Starbucks,” Valdes said NBC6 told the television station.

Valdes said they were pressured to accept as a few months ago, when they signed a renewal of the lease of the premises. But since then, Valdes said the clientele has declined significantly unable to provide its customers latte or a cast to accompany the cupcakes.

Bakery customers have started an online petition to Starbucks will allow Pinecrest Bakery selling Cuban coffee. So far the petition has over 500 signatures target of 1,000.

The local South Miami is one of nine owners possess under the name Pinecrest Bakery in South Florida. Puerto Rican singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was photographed by paparazzi this month as he left one of the bakeries Pinecrest eating a pie.

Meanwhile, representatives of Starbucks said in a statement it will seek to reach agreement with its neighbors.

“We are actively working together with the owner of the mall and neighboring merchants to understand the situation and resolve any misunderstandings with the goals that everyone can sell their drinks as always,” says part of the statement.

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